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    Who is NoiseBot.com & what's it all about?

    NoiseBot.com exists because we are people who love what we do. We get excited when a customer emails us to say one of our t-shirts just made her day; or when someone receives a hoodie as a gift and e-mails us in excitement.

    Our business wasn't always such a steady operation. We started working out of our own basements with our friends and relatives lending a helping hand when we needed it. We've been in bad moods and have had shouting matches after working our day-jobs, taking long bus rides home, only to go to work again printing and designing into the night. And we've dealt with renting office spaces from crazy landlords in the not-so-great part of town where the neighbors like to argue at two o'clock in the morning.

    We don't just sell this stuff. We live it (and wear it) every day. And when we hear from customers who get something positive out of what we do, it makes all of the bad times we've experienced worth it.

    Peace, Love, & Pizza,
    The Crazy Team at NoiseBot.com